Condolance Letter from Nityanand Kanungo - About Sardar Patel's Death - 28-12-1950 - Today That Day

 Condolance Letter from Nityanand Kanugo - About Sardar Patel's Death   - 28-12-1950 - Today That Day

In 1940 Bapu had told me सरदार के पीछे पड़े रहना, and since then I never bothered to think for myself and felt as happy as a skylark with eyes on Sardar's words. You cannot imagine how helpless and forlorn I feel!

In 1947, when Sardar came to Orissa, I had an attach of Thrombosis and was in bed, a helpless paralytic. Sardar remembered the poor obscure worker and came to my home to see me. My home is in the poor section of the town and steps in the house are steep for a strong man even. But the loving Sardar came. Believe me, his touch acted as a miracle. I recovered rapidly and within two weeks was back at work to the surprise of the doctors. 

Nityanand Kanungo - Cuttack


Reference : The Commemorative Volume - This Was Sardar Vol 01

About Nityanand Kanugo : Nityanand Kanungo was one of India's prominent politicians from the state of Odisha, who held successive high-profile portfolios in Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's cabinet. Nityanand Kanungo was born in Cuttack on 4 May 1900 and was educated at Ravenshaw College and University College.

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