India’s Youth Will Build New Nation When British Quit – Patel - Today That Day - 06-04-1947

India’s Youth Will Build New Nation When British Quit – Patel

Hindustan Times – 07-04-1947

Karamsad, April 6

India had become free. The British rulers had been driven away from the land as easily as the farmer would scare away the birds from his farm, said Sardar Patel, Home Minister Interim Government, in reply to an address of welcome here.

                An address of welcome and a gold plate weighing 72 tolas with the bust of Sardar Patel inset on a map of India engraved on the plate were presented to Sardar Patel when he visited his home town after many years.

                Replying to the address, Sardar Patel said that his visit to Karamsad was not originally planned when he left Delhi but the pressing invitation of his old friends when he reached Ahmedabad was irresistible.

                He said that the four pillars of constructive programme on which Mahatma Gandhi wanted to build a free India still remained incomplete. The eyes of other nations were fixed upon India watching how a free India tackled her manifold problems. They were anxious to see how successfully she was able to put her ancient message to the world in action and put her own house in order.


The experiment of village rehabilitation was now being conducted at Vallabhbhai Nagar which he had opened. Sardar patel appealed to them to give their wholehearted support to the institution. He said that the youth of the country would have to shoulder the responsibility of reconstructing new India. He asked them to beware of the activities of the Communists, who wanted to introduce class war in the villages.

                He said that the British rulers had created in the country various forms of vested interests which, with the exit of the British, would disappear. The task of moulding the future order of things lay with the youth. They must understand real problems and solve them in such a way that the memories of slavery might not be revived. – A.P.I

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